Example 5 – using photographs as a teaching tool

Older people may be willing to have photographs taken then shown during tutorials, labs, lectures or other educational sessions to enhance student learning. It is important that the purpose of the photo in the teaching session and where and how the photograph will be used, need to be clearly explained to the older person, and they need to formally give permissions using the image release form and the story release form.  The assurances given to the older person about the use of the photograph need to be adhered to, and any restrictions they want to place on the use of the photograph must be respected.
Using photos can be a good option when:

  • there are sensitive topics such as abuse
  • the clinical aspects of a case/situation needs to be discussed
  • the older person cannot be present at the tutorial
  • there is an unusual pathophysiology/situation
  • the education session is aimed at extrapolating  principles rather than focusing on the individual

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